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“I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. As an adult I have also lived in England and the United States. The need to adapt to new environments has clarified my concept of home and my belief that the land we know as children becomes imprinted on us and shapes who we become so that regardless of where we travel, we carry home, culture, and our history within us. At this point in my life I am returning to my roots, my family, and the art community that helped form me as an artist.

            I think of myself as a mark maker. I have worked in two and three dimensions using a wide range of media, such as drawing, photography, painting and carving. It is possible to utilize all these techniques for printmaking, and I have explored intaglio, relief, lithography and serigraphy. No matter what the medium used, my themes and concerns are consistent. Portraiture and self-portraiture have always been central to my artwork. The face, the figure, the desire to understand what it is to be human, and the search for my own identity are what drive me as an artist. We all have a story that is impacted by others, by animals and birds, by plants, and by the manmade and natural landscapes in which we live.”










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I think of myself primarily as a mark maker. My subject matter is portraiture to include people, plants, and animals, and I explore different mediums for their expressive potential.


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Scribbling Gull Studio, 27 Duke Street, Athy, Co. Kildare, Rep. Ireland